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What's your favourite venue in London for seeing recently discovered bands at?

EmilySKEmilySK Posts: 92
edited November 2012 in General Discussion
Maybe XOYO? Decent size and usually ok sound quality. Attracts a certain type of crowd, but always a good night!


  • Birthdays in Dalston is churning out some pretty awesome new bands these days.
  • elturkoelturko Posts: 12
    edited November 2012
    The Lexington is a favourite of mine.
    Doesn't feel cavernous at a quiet gig and has two levels, so you've still got a chance of a decent view when it's mobbed.
    Its decent range at the bar is a real attraction too!
  • The Old Blue Last seems to have a bucket-load on, too.
  • Completely agree with XOYO. Perfect size for starting bands, better venue feel now that it's been refurbished and usually good sound and good lighting. Would suit a wide range of different styles as well. As my runners-up I'd go for The Lex or Shacklewell Arms, depending on the show.

    Birthdays is just bad. It's not as horrendous as all these other venues they're popping up around Dalston/Stoke Newington following on the approval of the Live Music Act but, yeah, poor quality. If it's getting lots of gigs is because Vice Mag is behind. And I'm sure it's a pretty good deal for promoters. Like The Old Blue Last. Organisational chaos both of them as well.
  • The Barfly, The Underworld and The Purple Turtle.
  • I second for Lexington. Hoxton Bar & Kitchen is also an intimate venue. Good sound quality, spacious room and highly visible stage.
  • The Brixton Windmill. It's the CBGBs of London. The live rooms at The Lexington and XOYO are great for sound and layout but there's always something a little lacking in the atmosphere department, the Windmill however is where live music should be viewed and experienced.
  • I always thought of the Windmill as something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Character for sure...
  • The Windmill is a cracking place. Love the dog that lives on its roof.
    My only issue with it is that it's one of those places where it fills up and a good number of the crowd don't get much of a view.
  • Agree with that. That's why I think XOYO after being refurbished is the best place for the size.
  • I would have to say 'The Peel' in Kingston, or the 'The Beaverwood Club' in Chislehurst. Both attract some great new rock acts.
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